Constructed in 1873, the Masure tannery is a benchmark in the world of vegetable tanning.


Throughout the ages it has delighted the greatest luxury brands in the world.
In its early days, the Masure Dhalluin & Sons house focused its production on slow vegetable tanning in breweries for leather soles. To meet the needs and demands of such complementary sectors as leather goods, luxury bags, belts and moulded leather, the tannery gradually diversified its business activities to offer its clients other leathers now tanned at the fulling mill.

As a family business for over 140 years that has always remained receptive to new trends, we pay particular attention to those brands that wish to bring together historic expertise and fine materials. At each stage of production, our qualified artisans bring together technique and expertise to enhance the leather’s nobility of character while preserving its natural look. As specialists in the vegetable tanning of cow leathers selected from the best sources in Europe, we guarantee an exemplary leather quality adapted to the selection and finishing criteria of each of our clients.

With over 130 employees, the Masure Tannery has a truly global outlook, exporting 98% of its production mostly to Europe, East Asia and North America.