Leather is a natural product made using a series of techniques which is known as “tanning”.

Tannins are organic substances extracted from plants (sap, leaves and bark) and at varying levels of concentration. Their original natural function is to protect against parasites. Every tannin has its own unique properties that make each leather produced even more unique.

One of the special properties of Masure leather resides in the choice of tannin used. In the purest tradition of vegetable tanneries, we mostly use mimosa, Québracho and chestnut barks. Sustainable development is at the heart of our way of thinking. A symbiosis between traditional equipment and modern tools means the Masure Tannery is able to respect European environmental norms.



Left side
Right side
Double butt

According to the use the leathers are to be put to, our artisans cut the pelts into different parts before treatment, in a process known as butting. The different types of butting are as follows:

  • Leathers cut into two along the length of the spine, leaving what are called bands.
  • Leathers cut into four, two flanks, the neck and the butt, here called the double butt. The butt can also be cut in two, and is thus called a half-butt.